Top Ten Favorite Birthday Flowers

A question we get asked all the time - what are some of the most popular birthday flowers? Of course every single bloom is beautiful and we always recommend selecting something bright and festive. But a few special flowers stand out:

Lilies - Symbolic of partnerships and long lasting relationships, the lily comes in a variety of colors (white, pink and yellow just to name a few!) and is known for its wonderful fragrance. Birthday lilies make a stunning surprise, and continue to bloom long after they’ve been delivered. Lilies look wonderful in a mixed arrangement with a variety of colors and flowers, OR in a design like our bestselling Atlanta, created with bright and sunny buttery yellow blooms.

Roses - Though more popular for Anniversary gifts, the rose, with its vast array of colors, makes a great option for birthdays! Especially because it is many people’s favorite flower. What better way to show your friend love and devotion than with this classic beauty? Long-stem roses, like the ones pictured, are wonderful for wives, mothers, and girlfriends birthdays. For friends or coworkers think about selecting a more modern arrangement that is short and mounded with a mix of bright flowers.

Gerbera Daisies - The embodiment of youth and cheerfulness! With so many shades to choose from, how could these not bring a smile to any face? Gerberas are almost wonderfully cartoonish in their appearance, large, bright, blooming petals with a dark striking center. Birthday daisies are fantastic for any age. Our featured arrangement, Belmont, is a girlish mix of pink daisies paired with other recommended birthday flowers: lilies, roses, and hydrangea.

Hydrangea - These understated tufts of color symbolize grace and beauty. One of our personal favorites, they're beautiful as part of a mixed design or on their own. Is your birthday recipient unique and fun? Than select an arrangement with vibrant hydrangea like our Annapolis design. Amethyst hydrangea and hot pink roses luxurious and fun.

Tulips - Tulips are a year round favorite - probably because they're so fun to watch! For days after the birthday girl or guy receives a tulip arrangement, the tulips continue to get taller and more showy. They represent happiness and confidence which can only add to their wide appeal.

Mini Callas - Mini Callas meaning varies greatly from youth and joy to faith and purity. These feminine blooms give a modern twist to a variety of flower arrangements. We love pairing mini calls with hydrangea for birthdays because the create a lush, and voluminous arrangement.

Sunflowers - People smile just thinking about sunflowers! Representing loyalty and longevity, the sunflower is beautiful on it's own or add a pop of color when mixed with other florals. Sunflowers are fantastic birthday flowers because of their inherent sunniness and joyful appeal.

Other birthday favorites include tall, vibrant snapdragons, fragrant stock, and cute button mums.

Don't see your favorite one listed? No problem! There is no right or wrong choice when giving flowers. Choose something white, bright or somewhere in between but, most importantly, choose something that will make the birthday guy or gal smile. :)

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